Maybe like a Square with rounded edges, or, On a bicycle built for two

Most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I walk by one of the coolest guys I’ve ever seen. Not really. But sort of.

See, he tends to wear short shorts and shirts that are a little on the tight side, which are not at all on my list of must haves for a mate. He also wears those 80s glasses that people wear even though they’re not prescription (the ones my roommate lovingly refers to a pedo glasses). But he rides a tandem bicycle around campus with a harmonica and sometimes a boombox and offers free rides to class.

Amazing? I think so.

And what’s even cooler is that people take him up on the offer. Like Monday, for example. He crossed right in front of my path. And as I was walking away smiling at his tie-dye headband, some kid goes “hey, man! Can I get a ride to the Co-op?” And tandem bicycle guy was like “Sure! On the Drag or one of the others?” And he sounded so much like a game-show host that I smiled a little wider and chuckled. It was then and there that I half-heartedly vowed in mock seriousness to myself that I would get a ride to my class at some point this semester. I’m ridiculously scared of riding a tandem bicycle because I am so prone to accidental happenings that I would not for the life of me want to risk someone else’s safety…But tell me a ride to class on a tandem bicycle is not awesome!

Okay, so I may never actually get a ride to class, mostly because my building is really not all that far away from where we cross paths everyday and I like the walk. Also, he’s one of those hipster people who automatically intimidate me because I’m sure they are judging my squareness.

Although I don’t think I’m full-on square, but I’m more square than hip – that’s for certain.


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