This. Is. WAR.

As someone who has dealt with mostly acute acne since the age of eleven, may I just say “I’ve had enough!”

And that’s what I said last night after washing my face and once again being confronted with the never ending battle in the mirror.

And when my roommate got home, that’s what I said to her. “This is WAR! No more!” and she was all “um, what?”

So I did over an hour’s worth of research on the internet last night, came up with a few new options I haven’t tried, and then went to Whole Foods this morning.

Here’s the new regimen:

Kiss My Face Start Up Exfoliating Wash

and Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Moisturizing Lotion

Also I read somewhere that for adult acne you should stay away from salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments. Which I already knew because they are both bad news for my skin. However, you can try using products containing sulfur. Resorcinol and sulfur are usually paired together and I found favorable reviews for Clearasil Adult Acne treatment, which is sulfur based. So, today was day one. Hopefully this will work. I plan to still use my St. Ives Apricot exfoliating face wash, because I love it, but also because my face seems to like to be exfoliated to within an inch of its life occasionally. Anyways, I’ll be letting you know if this new regimen works or bombs. I know I’m not the only person in the world who struggles with it and I also know that it helps to know what works for other people.

I’ll get around to posting Colorado pictures soon. If we’re facebook friends you should have seen them posted already. I do have some favorites though which I’ll share here.

OH! And we got a third roommate recently. Kara (new roommate) and I re-arranged the house on Tuesday while Marianne was out of town on business. I think I like it. It’s hard to say because it’s all of the same old furniture just moved about. However, I do like the new spatial layout, feels more open or something. Eh, you’ll just have to see it. =)


2 thoughts on “This. Is. WAR.

  1. Lauren says:

    Acne is so dumb. If this new regimen ends up not working after a few months and you're still willing to "battle" you should go to my old dermatologist in Houston. She was absolutely worth the distance and money. I've been to probably 5 or 6dermatologists who never gave me anything that really worked. This doctor is more cosmetic–she actually doesn't take insurance (although you can submit the bill on your own). She put me on an antibiotic, strong benzoyl peroxide face wash, cream that I think had sulfur in it and some cleansing pads. It cleared me up for 2 whole months (a FIRST!). I stopped taking the antiobiotic the night before then wedding…I think it was better to go to her because she fights the problem more aggresively–she sees it from a cosmetic perspective so she takes you more seriously than some doctors. She wants to get you to a clear face–not just ease the problem. You should consider getting on accutane…Alright that's my tmi comment…

  2. Emily says:

    My new insurance doesn't cover a dermatologist and unfortunately it's not in my budget to pay for one out of pocket. But I like this new regimen so far. My skin feels great and looks brighter already. Hooray! Last year when I was on strong antibiotics for five months my complexion was perfect. If only it had lasted… miss you! And miss our tmi conversations.

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