That was a quick turn around!

This is from the God Calling book, for today, 3 September:

“I am your Savior. Not only from the weight of sin, but from the weight of care, from misery, and depression, from want and woe, from faintness and heartache. Your Savior.

Remember that you are living really in the Unseen – that is the Real Life.

Lift up your heads from earth’s troubles, and view the glories of the Kingdom. Higher and higher each day see more of Heaven. Speak to Me. Long for Me. Rest in Me. Abide in Me. No restless bringing Me your burdens, and then feverishly lifting them again and bearing them away.

No! Abide in Me. Not for one moment losing the consciousness of My Strength and Protection.

As a child in its mother’s arms, stay sheltered and at rest.”

Did I not just write this: “…I try to lay things at the feet of Jesus because I know that he can take care of them and myself in a way that I never will be able to. But sometimes I turn around and run back picking things up like it’s my load to carry. It’s not. If I surrendered it, then I need to let it lie there and resist the urge to pick it up and worry over it,” YESTERDAY?!

It is amazing to me the number of times that book has applied to exactly what I am dealing with. Last week I was being hugely selfish with my time and not wanting to drive someone somewhere because sometimes they just discourage me too much. I don’t read the book everyday, maybe every third day and catch up on the ones I missed. I caught up on the days a few days after my day of selfishness, and the entry that would have been for that day or the day after was “Give, give, give. Unconditionally. Give of all you have” (paraphrased). Do you ever just get a response from God that quickly? Clearly I was out of line in my behavior, and he was not slow to make me aware.


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