Roman Calvary Choirs Singing


I have great news. I have finally, finally purchased my all-time favorite movie.

On sale at HEB tonight there it was, sitting pretty on an end-cap display. Waiting for me. And I did not hesitate to drop that pretty little thing right in my basket. Actually I was on the phone with my dad and I got real quiet and I think I whispered “no way. Dad…this is a momentous occasion. I am finally going to buy my all-time favorite movie.”

And then I ended up forgetting half of the things I actually went there to buy. No worries though. I have finally begun to start the collection of my all-time favorite movies. And here they are, in case you were just dying to know!

The Saint
The Thomas Crown Affair
For Love of the Game
The Notebook
And there’s one more but I’m forgetting it. I’ll go ahead and add the new Star Trek in its place. Because I’m geeky like that.


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