Wyldwood & Quilt-top #4

This weekend my roommate and I went to a show at this venue called Wyldwood. It is such a cool place. It’s someone’s house (Andrew & Amy) and they use their backyard as the venue. The deck is the stage with twinkling lights wrapped around the trees, although I guess they don’t twinkle. There’s a suggested $10 donation; people bring lawn chairs or blankets, a bottle of wine, appetizers or whatever you plan to eat and the hosts provide hot dogs and usually s’mores. They haven’t had s’mores the last few times because there’s a burn ban in effect, but hopefully later this year they will.

I love this place.

It’s so quaint and slightly magical. I love the atmosphere and the fact that a bajillion people aren’t there, talking over the music. Usually just roommate and I go, and it’s really fun. This past Saturday Danny Malone was playing. He’s not one of my favorites, though roommate loves him. However this past week he redeemed himself in my eyes. It probably helped that he was hammered and hilarious and I had just eaten the most amazing dinner of chicken potstickers and stone ground wheat crackers with goat’s cheese paired with a Fresca sitting on a picnic blanket under a starry sky with twinkle lights in the foreground. What can I say? I’m classy like that. Please excuse my camera phone.

Yesterday (technically last night around 1 am) I finished my fourth quilt top. I think it’s my favorite. I need to see about getting my mom to quilt it the next time I’m in Houston. I’m ready to take it on my next picnic/Wyldwood visit already. I should invest in a real camera; the colors are so much better in real life.

Classes start tomorrow. Wicked at the Bass Concert Hall Thursday. And Michaela and Megan are hanging out in Austin this weekend! Michaela I’m so excited that you’re coming to visit!


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