Proper Oreo Etiquette

Is there such a thing? I was just on a study break to eat dinner and realized that I could follow dinner with a few Oreo’s for dessert. As I was eating the first one I wondered if there was a proper way to eat an Oreo. The first one I just straight up dunked in my soy milk (which, if you haven’t tried soy milk: it’s wonderful); the second cookie I opened up with the intent of getting all the icing on one side, licked the icing off, stuck the cookie back together and then dunked it in milk; the last one I opened up, ate the icing and then dunked each side in separately to prolong the goodness that is Oreo. But my question remains: is there a proper way to eat an Oreo? How do you eat an Oreo? Does it matter? Has my brain begun to melt with the influx of Arab history material?

I feel the answer to all of these questions is: I don’t know.

Maybe I will one day explore and formulate a thesis that analyzes a person’s personality by the way they eat their Oreo’s. I have feeling that those who don’t consume Oreo’s are going to score extremely poor.

And for all of my hard work I think I will reward myself with one more Oreo. Because hey, twenty-four hours from now I will only be 12 credit hours away from being an alumna. Six years in the making. Holla! And Hook ‘Em!


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