Quick Home Visit

This past Friday I drove to my parents’ house in Houston for a short visit. They’re leaving to go on vacation next weekend so I wanted to see them before they left and I had a few things to pick up/drop off as well. While I was there, my mom and I picked out some fabrics for a new quilt that I’m making.

I’ll upload a picture of the quilt top once I finish it. The pattern is called “Turning Twenty” and you may have guessed this, but it requires 20 different fabrics. The blocks turned out to be a little dark after assembly, but when I cut them down to size I cropped the darker fabrics out so it’s not quite so masculine looking. I also bought fabric for another quilt pattern that I’ll start soon after the first quilt top is completed. I’m really excited about that quilt because I love the colors we found. Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend after my final.

Speaking of class, I can’t believe this session is almost over. I have a paper due Wednesday and a final on the 15th, which is Saturday (!!!). Today class was canceled which was a wonderful blessing because I seriously needed to catch up on some reading and some sleep.

I carried my kayak down with me this weekend too, think I mentioned that last time. Here’s a picture of my dad kayaking. The ducks were a little bewildered and I think my dad got a kick out of following them around.

After my dad tired himself and the ducks out, I got in for a spin around the little lake. On my way back in I heard the fountain turn on…you better believe I turned right around and paddled through the fountain/under the spray until my kayak had taken on about as much water as I felt comfortable with. SO. MUCH. FUN! The water was incredibly dirty though and smelled pretty foul – there’s a large-ish duck population. But did I mention that it was ridiculously fun?


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