‘Punks & Poets’ sounds good doesn’t it?

I don’t ever really commit anything to memory. Just now I was presently surprised when I (re)discovered the classes I’m taking in the fall. In no particular order:

History of Rome: The Republic
British Novel in 20th Century
U.S. Foreign Relations, 1776-1914
Senior Seminar – I’m pretty sure this is: British Punks and Poets, English Culture after WWII… or something like that.

Should be really interesting. 12 hours left after this summer session ends next week. What on Earth am I going to do come December? Ideas?

Also, I’m going to need the heat to go away. My flower garden is wilting. Very sad. And oh yeah, it’s a zillion degrees in our house. So a cool front would be nice too. Just saying… =)


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