I might need to move to Colorado or somewhere in the Carolinas or even Seattle. I have a semi-estranged aunt and uncle and several older cousins who live on the coast of North Carolina near the Outer Banks (love, love, LOVE the OBX area). Perhaps they would let me visit for a while.

Mostly I just need a road trip with my kayak. Not a trip in my kayak, mind you. I wouldn’t get very far. But a trip with my kayak where I can get into some new waters.

There’s a possibility of going to Colorado in September. You better believe I’ve considered my kayak as the one thing I desperately want to take along , right after my memory foam mattress. However, it would probably be a huge inconvenience to everyone along on the trip so I will undoubtedly leave it at home.

Just know, however, that I have begun to itch for a new adventure destination and it most assuredly involves my little boat.


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