Une chanson

Just heard this song. I love the video, too! So creative…

Also, wasn’t I just sick? Yes…yes I think I was. I distinctly remember there being fever and a wheezing cough with sore throat and lastly, an inhaler. I’ve picked up a sore throat again within the last two days. =/ I have the weakest immune system. I don’t think I used to get sick this easily. It’s just been within this last year. Also yesterday I spent 5 solid hours in my car. FIVE. 100 miles, didn’t go further than Elgin, driving someone around. Not exactly my cup of tea, but hopefully it will have paid off and a job will come through.


One thought on “Une chanson

  1. Michaela Rose says:

    sorry your sick again babycake 😦 Maybe something in your house is making you sick. I got sick a lot when I moved back home, we found out that my vent was really moldy.

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