Unintentional picture post

This post just changed three times. Sorry for anything that doesn’t make sense.

London playlist:
New Shoes – Paolo Nutini
Naive – The Kooks
New-York New-York – Ryan Adams
Don’t I Hold You – Wheat
Where Does the Good Go – Tegan & Sara
Ding Dong – Nellie McKay
Last Request – Paolo Nutini
Ooh la – The Kooks
Ice Age – Pete Yorn
The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi – Owen
Life is Beautiful – Ryan Adams
Girls – Nizlopi
A Bird in Hand – Owen
The Man – Pete Yorn
When the Stars go Blue – Ryan Adams
Sing Around It – Nizlopi
BHFH – Hem
Bad News – Owen

Also check out “I Wish I was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)”. It’s by Sandi Thom. I have no idea where it came from, but it appeared on my ipod one day when I was living in London. All of those songs are ones that I discovered while in London. Also, Lemar’s album “The Truth About Love” is pretty good as well (a bit lovey dovey). I heard about him from an ad in the underground one day.

Buckingham Palace (I’ve seen the Queen! And it was a magical moment.)

This picture is from my Christmas present from Adam and Ellen. We saw…

Wicked! Best surprise gift ever!!

(Sad sigh) One of the girls from the bible study I used to co-lead with Lauren (several years ago now) is studying abroad in London right now. It kills me to look at her pictures. I am beyond jealous, I am in the realm of heart-literally-aching-with-teary-eyes for that place. It just makes me sick, I miss it so. Someday I’ll venture back (again). It was nice when I went back for my brother’s wedding.

Oh, bless. I miss that city….


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