Also! Guess who has a birthday in ten days?! Woot!

And, I feel that I may need to clarify my last post. Did it come across as though I don’t believe in free will? Because I do believe we have the choice to obey or disregard. I also believe that because I choose to obey, God’s plan will be executed in my life, whatever mistakes or choices I make; God will use them for his glory. Do those thoughts conflict? …Not sure. I have a hard time with predestination/whatever beyond that, so I’m not going to say more because it’s one of those mysteries that I do not feel enlightened enough to talk on. And at the risk of confusing myself, I will stop there.

Also, my phone randomly lit up just now, and it has really given me the heeby jeebies. I am 100% scared of the dark and not afraid to say it.


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