Like a flu shot, eh?

I went and saw [one of] my orthopedic specials today for my shoulder. I ended up being there for about 3 hours. Not that I saw anyone for about two hours, but I caught up on my Texas Monthly magazine reading (woot). X-rays showed nothing, which didn’t surprise me at all, but the PA and Dr. M think there might have been some swelling in the Bursa sac which was causing the popping/grinding and all around annoyance.

Word to the wise (or unwise, however it may be), if a doctor recommends a shot to one of your joints and compares it to a flu shot, do not believe them. Dr. M pulled this move on me last year when he tried to drain fluid from my shoulder. He made me cry. And I called him a liar. So today, when he suggested an injection and I asked how much it was going to hurt, and he responded that it was comparable to a flu shot, I didn’t believe him. However, I agreed to the injection because I’ll try anything for relief at this point. But when he came back after the nurse had set up the stuff and told me that I should remember this from last year when he tried to drain my shoulder, I completely called his bluff and named him a liar. He laughed and asked me if he had just told me the same thing as last year, laughed again, and then proceeded to numb my shoulder and jam a four inch needle deep into my shoulder joint. Fun!

Not. So. Much. But already I can tell a difference and hopefully it will fix the problem.

Also, did anyone else watch the Bones marathon yesterday? I think it’s one of my new favorite shows. Sealy and Temperance are the best.

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2 thoughts on “Like a flu shot, eh?

  1. Kellybird says:

    i’ve been trying to tell the world about bones… but no one will listen. welcome to my side! i can’t wait to chat about one of the top 10 shows on television!

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