Thank you Dr. Steinman!

The cake, IMHO, was delicious. It actually tasted like a really good sugar cookie with champagne flavored icing. Will definitely be making again!

Let the Waiting Game begin!

I like and dislike the end of a semester. I think the ‘likes’ are obvious: no more school for three weeks; I can sleep in until whenever; I have the time to read whatever I choose. Just a bunch of little freedoms that make me quite happy for about four days and then I’m bored because I don’t have anywhere to go and everyone I know is working.

The ‘dislikes’ should be pretty easy to guess too: no more classes to meet people; no new challenges; I become bored far too easily. But there’s one more: the Waiting Game for grades. I try to limit myself to checking only twice a day: Once in the morning and once at night.

So far it’s looking like a B semester. Which oddly enough, is what I expected. I didn’t put too much in this semester and I’m reaping what I sowed. With the exception of Nutrition. I say this in complete truth, I should have failed that class. I calculated my grade last week and knew that at the very most I could expect a D. It’s not that this class was overly difficult. I should have failed this class because it was 98% memorization, and I can not remember anything for beans. Or if, by some miracle, I manage to memorize something one day, the next day when I try to recall it, I’ve mixed it up completely and all of the associations I trained myself to remember are very disassociated. Top it off with total test anxiety and perhaps you will see my predicament. Can’t. Succeed.

But friends, somehow, somewhere my nutrition professor managed to find enough points to give me a C. And I just have to say that I’m fairly flabbergasted. I know what my grades were. There’s no way I earned a C. Maybe she checked the rest of my grades, saw that I was an English major with no future in medicine or nutrition and she felt like she could give me a C. I have no idea. But I am grateful that my GPA is not going to take the hit that I had originally expected. So, thank you, Dr. Steinman. I will think of you fondly as I sell my book back to the bookstore.

Also, I made a pink champagne cake yesterday from this magazine. I haven’t tried it yet since it’s for bible study tonight, but the batter was really quite tasty. It’s pretty labor intensive though. I only read the first few lines of instructions and the ingredients list. I probably would have chosen something else had I realized, but it was worth the experience.

Off to ride my (stationary) bicycle.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Dr. Steinman!

  1. Lauren says:

    I had her for nutrition too…I remember being surprised by my grade which I think was also a C. I hate all science. It’s not just memorization it’s like illogical memorization! Which is ironic because science is ALL logical–English and American Studies not always…haha!

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