April what?!

Is anyone else just blown away that it’s April already? APRIL?!

I’m just amazed at how fast the time flies by. It always feels like I start a week and then BAM! it’s over and Friday is happening again and the weekend is gone in a flash. It’s a little frightening.

Can I just give a little shout out to my main man upstairs for this A-MAZing weather?! Hells bells people! It’s April and it is stunning outside! I hope it holds up for any amount of time because I want to take full advantage of it. Tomorrow I’m going to the Veloway (which is a skating/bicycle trail in South Austin, just for skates and bikes) and I’m pretty excited. I need to find a way to fix my skates though. I’m also contemplating kayaking at some point this weekend, I need to see if my aunt and uncle would be up for that. AND, I have had the most overwhelming urge to fly a kite. I’m not even sure I remember how and I definitely don’t own one, but if we have another good windy day anytime soon I’m going to high-tail it to the nearest REI or Target or some place and buy a kite.

I feel like cleaning the outside of my house, but I think I’m going to hold off and give yoga another shot first. Then lunch, home depot, maybe a little gardening.

By the way, I planted the front bed about a week ago after I dug out that cactus and the bush things that were growing. It will look pretty awesome if the SUN EVER SHINES ON THAT SIDE OF THE HOUSE. I think they get about 10 mins of sun in the evening. Kind of pitiful. I better go water while I’m thinking about it…


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