Elle est adorable


3 thoughts on “Elle est adorable

  1. Lauren says:

    Am I suppose to pay attention to the story? Because I couldn’t stop watching her talk, the words were distracting! She is SO cute! And she sounds so smart because she’s speaking french, haha! But you know she’s probably saying words funny like little girls do in english but to me her french sounds perfect. Question, do French people spit on each other more often?? They sure do a lot of things were their mouth that I would think creates flying spit!

  2. Michaela Rose says:

    HOLY SMOKES!!!! That was the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life! I’m moving to France when I become pregnant just so I can raise babies who speak French! Oui!

  3. Emily says:

    Lauren, I don’t know if they spit on each other more… They’ve probably trained themselves not to. The story was hilarious. It was about Pooh and Tigger, but she was making the whole thing up. Michaela- She is the cutest thing ever! I’ll follow you to France. I love little French kids. And I want children with English accents as well. Basically I need to relocate.

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