Let me preface what I’m about to say with: The last two/three days have been a ton of fun. The girls in my bible study and I have watched Lost, had half a bajillion really good conversations, walked 5.5 miles in one go, watched movies, and experienced what I think of as real fellowship: eating and living together and obeying (or trying to) God’s word.


I am not a people person. It wears me out to spend so much time constantly surrounded by people – Sunday through Tuesday night (12 am) with the same group of people in my house all. the. time. Love them a lot, but I need solitude. Time to regroup, renew, all that.

Blogland, I am really looking forward to spending a lot of quality time gardening in my parents’ backyard over the next 2 or three days or however long I decide to stay in Houston. I’m also looking forward to some time with my family. We generally have a pretty smashing time together. But I fully plan on spending the next days outside pulling weeds while everyone else is at work.

And can I also just say that I have really enjoyed not being on the internet the last few days? I plan on continuing that trend. It does stink though, because I hate talking on the phone and email is so much easier to deal with. And if you’re not checking emails people start calling you… =/ Life is so hard. (You know I’m kidding right?)… (But just about life being hard. I really do hate the phone.)


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