Because I am AWESOME

Really, Blogland. There is no other word for the extraordinary talent I have for attracting hurts, illnesses, and general chaos.

I have had a crummy night of sleep. Why? You may ask yourself. Because my foot had a run-in with someone’s knuckle (completely my fault and I have absolved him of any guilt). But said foot has not stopped hurting and when I got up to brush my teeth, I found that I can now put zero weight on it. Awesome, right?

I know.

Hopping is apparently not my thing, especially with all of the little steps in our house. There should be a cardio workout called “The Hop.” Oh, I guess it’s called jump rope. But I hopped/crawled to the freezer and borrowed a bag of Roommate’s frozen spinach and am hoping that helps. We’ll see. C’est la vie!


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