I have been driving myself crazy wishing I had this car. I mean, look at it! It’s a sexy vehicle. And I never say “sexy.” But this is. I just keep wishing one would show up in my driveway. I know the chances of that are impossible to the 6th degree because not only am I not working, I’m sitting on some pretty nice student loans. But my A/C no longer works in my current SUV, and hells bells people! It’s hot outside now! Hotter than the devil’s drawers as my Grandma Cook would say. The heat is just making me wish for something new because I don’t want to drop $800 to fix the A/C that I have already invested a pretty penny in twice before. And I know that $800 is a lot less than purchasing a new car. I know that, but it doesn’t help. I’m not a very rational person. I’ll get over it, as soon as I actually get on over to the Toyota website and check out the price tag, which I’m not going to do because a woman should be allowed to dream of whatever she wants. And weirdly enough I dream of a ridiculously good looking SUV.


One thought on “Lusting

  1. Michaela Rose says:

    oh man, my dad loves the looks of that car too!My mom just got a new car this week because her old car quit on her and they were sick of repairing it. It’s actually a good time to buy a car, maybe you can find a used one somewhere.

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