I just received a voice mail from my doctor. He said that everything came back normal so far. Excellent news! But it doesn’t explain why my back has been so irritated lately. Maybe now I can start concentrating on other things like the French exam I forgot about. =/

Maybe. I like to think I’m being safe rather than extremely sorry.

I made an appointment today with a doctor here in Austin to address my low back pain. Actually it’s right where my kidneys are and I have no other symptoms other than feeling off and out of sorts. This is exactly how things last year started, and truth be told I’m not exactly excited about the possibility of going through last year again. I’ve thought maybe my kidneys are just infected from a UTI, except that everything else is fine, just like last year. It’s probably a long shot that this is a repeat. And it’s highly likely it’s mostly in my mind, but again, I would rather be safe than sorry. And if I’m not safe and I’m going to be sorry then perhaps it’s better that I know sooner rather than later…

So my appointment is tomorrow and I’m meeting my parents for dinner tonight in Brenham to pick up a copy of my medical history. I should already have one, but I always forget to ask. It’s fascinating to read through it, when you think of it as someone else.


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