Oh, for the Love

Oliver, one of my roommate’s cats (the one on the right), is standing on me right now, kneading my muffin top. I wish he knew how rude it was to point out people’s trouble areas. It is a little inspiring though. I gained 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Eat much? Just saying… Also, funny story. When I was working at The Write Touch (a stationary, gift, and wedding invitation shop in Houston), a woman came into the store after lunch one day and began the longest stream of one-sided conversation I have ever heard. I walked through the store with her and went back and forth to the front counter to set her things down. When I began to ring up her sale, I kid you not, she reached across the counter and put her hand on my stomach and asked me how far along I was… I honestly…just could not find the words to tell her anything. I am rarely completely speechless, but homegirl just let all the air out of my balloon in one swoop. It wasn’t even a question, just an assumption that I was. And she touched me! Reached over a barrier and put her hand on me. Is there an unspoken rule about strangers being able to touch pregnant bellies? I wasn’t pregnant, just for the record. And I’m not a big girl, so when I gain weight it shows every time. I went to the backroom after she left and did a quick evaluation. My co-worker was doubled over, breathless, and crying when I told her what happened. I was not amused. I can laugh about it now, but I still don’t ever wear that blouse. Too bad; it looks good on the hanger.

I want to paste the last two devotionals I’ve read (yesterday’s and today’s) from God Calling. It’s my roommate’s copy so I don’t read it consistently. But if it’s lying around I’ll scoop it up. If you’ve never checked it out, I highly recommend it. It is Holy Spirit breathed and inspired and I take something away from it almost every time.

January 17:
“Silence. Be silent before Me. Seek to know, and then to do My will in all things.
Abide in My Love. An atmosphere of loving understanding to all men. This is your part to carry out, and then I surround you with a protective screen that keeps all evil from you. It is fashioned by your own attitude of mind, words, and deeds, towards others.
I want to give you all things, good measure, pressed down and running over. Be quick to learn. You know little yet of the Divine Impatience which longs to rush to give. Does one worrying thought enter your mind, one impatient thought? Fight it at once.
Love and Trust are the solvents for the worry and cares and frets of a life. Apply them at once. You are channels and though the channel may not be altogether blocked, fret and worry corrode, and in time would become beyond your help
Persevere, oh! persevere. Never lose heart. All is well.”

January 18:
“Pray daily for Faith. It is My Gift.
It is your only requisite for the accomplishment of mighty deeds. Certainly you have to work, you have to pray, but upon Faith alone depends the answer to your prayers–your works.
I give it you in response to your prayer, because it is the necessary weapon for you to possess for the dispersion of evil,–the overcoming of all adverse conditions, and the accomplishment of all good in your lives, and then you having Faith, give it back to Me. It is the envelope in which every request to Me should be placed.
And yet “Faith without works is dead.” So you need works, too, to feed your Faith in Me. As you seek to do, you feel your helplessness. You then turn to Me. In knowing Me, your faith grows–and that faith is all you need for My Power to work.”

Meditate on those and take much away, my friends. And then go get the book.
I’ve been struggling this new year to have my quiet time. For whatever reason, I haven’t worked out a schedule in this new house and have therefore been off my game, so to speak. I honestly struggle so much throughout the day when I have not spent time with the Lord. All of my awfulness comes pouring out in abundance and I end the day frustrated and chastising myself for my hateful attitude and unsettled heart. I know the cause of my frustration, but then the next day I don’t take even a few minutes to converse with God. The extent of my disobedience amazes me sometimes. And not in a good way. This past week I have made a huge effort to change this and have almost established a schedule. Classes kick off on Tuesday and I think that will really help.


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