We Moved!

Now that we are in our new house and our internet has finally been set up, I will try to keep things up to date! (Ha! Yeah, right!)

So, since Christmas I have been busy [with the exception of the last several days, which have been devastatingly un-busy]. Classes start again on the 21st, so I have been on vacay for about a month and a half (sigh, such a hard life. Right after Christmas I came back to Austin and started packing up the old house and moving things over one car load at a time. I think the seats in my SUV were folded down for about 3 weeks straight. I finally cleaned out the back of my car and set them back up on Sunday. The moving went pretty smoothly and then for the next week or so I unpacked everything into the new house. I hung some framed pictures on the wall in the entryway and living room yesterday so it’s feeling a little more put together. I’ll try to take and upload some pictures of the new house. I haven’t had batteries for my digital camera in over a year (at least). We’re also working on a day for a house-warming party, so if you’re in the Austin area, keep an eye out for our e-vite.

Also today I tried to pull a cactus out of the ground. I didn’t know it was a cactus until it was too late. That was painful. I’ll probably have to dig it up along with the little berry trees that are right next to it. I’m hoping to clear the front beds out and put some flowers and maybe some tomato plants in. The front of our house needs a little spice. It is easily one of the ugliest houses on the street…but not for long!

Take care friends!


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