I love Christmastime. I just love it! Love me some holiday songs, hot chocolate, wrapping presents, warm jackets, a nice fire in the fireplace, and unbiblical metaphors from pastors who make stuff up to sound good. Just kidding about that last one. That actually really irritates me. Here’s what happened:

My brother and I went to the 11 pm Christmas Eve service at one of the largest churches in Houston. Doesn’t matter which one, I won’t be going back for several reasons. The worship leader was camera mugging way too much. He would actually look for the camera with the red light and then start playing to the camera. I hated that I kept judging him, but he was more interested in his face on the big screens and seeing himself up there than he was on the words he was singing. It was so incredibly distracting. Also, the seriousness and the messages of the songs we song were turned upside down when they were immediately followed by really silly-stupid videos that were supposed to be entertaining. The reason of Christmas was completely lost. The worst part was the teaching. The pastor was saying things and making up metaphors that I don’t think can be found in the Bible. I can’t remember some of the things, but I just kept thinking: “Um, hello? Have you read the Bible?” Am I wearing my “I’m stoopid” face? This is a MEGA church (I mean several thousand attenders), and this is the kind of teaching that people are receiving? No wonder everyone and their mother is jumping into a seat there. It’s a sugar-coated wonderland that is full of garbage. Where’s the truth? Where’s the conviction? Where’s the honest devotion and adoration of God? I keep thinking that maybe I should email the pastor and ask him to please explain what he said with references from the bible. I haven’t had constant internet connection since I left Austin, but maybe I’ll take time and do that…

On another note: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a great movie. I actually walked out of the theater trying to remember where the I was. (Answer: Brandon, Mississippi). It was just that good. I’m not even sure what was so magnificent, but it really just takes you through a good story. And for once lately, the previews didn’t give away the good parts. There was also a preview for a new Gerard Butler movie. Love him.

Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Re-dial

  1. Michaela Rose says:

    I know what you mean, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to find a good message around the holidays. It’s like the pastors are trying to cater to the people who come once a year. But why try to fake it, if we are just real the truth will speak for itself.

  2. Lauren says:

    I can imagine how you felt sitting at that mega church. It’s so discouraging…I’m so glad to hear that movie is good! I’ve been wanting to see it so bad…might be spending some Christmas money on that! I miss you!

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