Following Up…

Only a month after the baby shower took place, but better late than never is just how I roll.

But here is the deal about this baby shower: it never happened. At least not at my house. I’ve never been so well prepared for a party (look at the setup photos taken 24 hours before the shindig!), so, of course, who came down with a nasty, nasty stomach bug the night before? Yours truly.

And I told the other hostesses that we could still have the shower at my house and I would just disappear and never be seen. But one of them was like, “but what about your germs?” And I said, “fair enough. I’ll direct Mike on what to pack and you girls can take this show on the road.”

And so they did. From what I hear it was lovely. I’m so sad I missed it because I missed the shower for my dear friend’s first baby because I was out of town.

Anyway. The cabbages and the raffia carrots. They worked out to be adorable together and I transitioned them into my Easter decorations because it seemed appropriate.

Pinterest (of course) is a great resource for getting ideas and finding free printables. I was going to chop up a big book of Beatrix Potter stories for pictures, but there are a few people in my life who were strongly opposed to that idea! Thankfully it’s possible to find the same pictures through a Google image search and they printed out pretty nicely on our printer at home!


Nap time = craft time

Aside from the absolute quiet that comes over the house during rest time my favorite thing is being able to set up a station somewhere and craft my little heart out. We have lots of fun (and fights and tantrums) in the mornings and there is something oh so special about being able to sit quietly and be restored while crafting and doing. Now if I could orchestrate it so that rest times overlapped every day and no one walked out of their room calling “Mammaaaaaa” down the hallway sixteen times I think that could be a little bit of heaven. 

As it is, I will gladly accept what time I’m able to get!

This week I’m working on cabbages for a Beatrix Potter themed baby shower. 

If you have coffee filters, green food coloring or water color paint, a hot glue gun and some styrofoam balls you can make your own cabbages. 


I can’t wait to team these up with the raffia carrots I bought at Home Goods last year!

Shower is next month so I’ll try to remember to take pictures of the complete assembly. But I think you and I both know that will never happen! I would be embarrassed, but it’s the truth and there’s no shame in the truth. 

Like a Monday

Sometimes morning starts two hours too soon and the wake up call is the corner of a board book right in your eye (thanks, James).

There’s another cup of coffee in my future.

“Picnic” on a blanket in the family room happening right now. And will probably still be happening in 3 hours.

We will totally survive this day.

Paper airplanes

Every now and then I toy with the idea of starting an etsy shop for paper crafts. The trouble is that my kids are at such an age that there isn’t a whole lot of free time to get things done! Thankfully rest time for each of them tends to overlap by at least an hour, but that hour is usually already devoted to laundry, dinner prep, a long list of house chores or a nap for me! Don’t get me wrong, I make plenty of time to do crafty things – I need that creative outlet to stay sane!

Speaking of crafty… Any idea where a gal can get a pallet for free? Husband says grocery stores don’t let you just take them any more and I think that is the only place I’ve ever really seen them!

And speaking of paper crafts, I’m more than a little sad that these paper decorations in the nursery are starting to get droopy! There was a lot of time that went in to crafting these, but I know in the long run they won’t stay up in the nursery forever. And when J moves to a big boy room he may decide he doesn’t like airplanes! 



Oh my…

Things you don’t want to see when you poke your head out of the shower:

Your precious, most beautiful two year old daughter sitting on the floor of the bathroom, on top of your underwear from yesterday, trying to pull said dirty underwear out from under her and on to her feet.

“Ellie, sweet pea, leave Mama’s underwear alone, please.”

No response.

“Eleanor. Please, stop what you’re doing.”

Struggles harder. Then gives up.

“Thank you for listening to me.”

Congratulate yourself for having a two year old who obeys you. Some of the time. Once in a while. Once a week?

Listen as two year old starts throwing your discarded clothes around the bathroom. At least she’s not trying to put your underwear on anymore.

Continue the last few minutes of your shower in peace. Get out, dry off and then be greeted by your precious, lovely two year old daughter who is wearing your underwear around her neck like a necklace.

Can’t win them all!

You might be a mom if…

– you have said curses about those stinkin cat naps
– you have turned more than one item of clothing into a makeshift burp cloth
– “go touch up my face before we leave” really means refreshing yesterday’s make-up
– you’ve caught vomit with any part of your body
-you’ve pulled open the back of someone’s pants or lifted someone’s butt to your face to check for poop and there was nothing awkward going on
– you have emptied your bladder to the best of your ability only to bend down a minute later to pick up a child and have a little pee escape onto your last clean pair of underwear (ok look, I’m not saying it happened to me, but I’m not saying it hasn’t happened a few times to me either. Not lately, of course, because I am sooo caught up on laundry and also it’s been a few months since that happened, ok?)
– you’ve stayed up way too late looking at photos of your kids on your phone because holy cow! you miss them and they’ve only been asleep 12 minutes
– you assess various parts of your body to figure out what needs to be washed, shaved or scrubbed immediately during this shower and what can wait a few days because you probably only have about 5 minutes before the baby wakes up
– you’ve taken a selfie to see if baby is awake or asleep on your shoulder

Processed with Moldiv
– you’ve stayed up way past your bedtime googling symptoms and then struggled to bring things back down to planet earth and not wake up your husband to see if he agrees with your diagnosis/paranoia
– you’ve had to excuse yourself from the dining table because your boobs were leaking on your lap
– you’ve cried over spilled milk because ALL THAT PUMPING FOR NOTHING
– a trip to Target by yourself is both wildly liberating and absolutely weird

Mama friends, anything you’d like to add?
Dads out there, what are some things on your “you know you’re a dad if…” list?